Klark Teknik Square One Splitter

klark square one. 8 kanals micsplitter.


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The Square ONE Splitter provides a simple solution with a user-friendly, high-performance, MIDAS XL8 inspired pre-amp design, packaged in a 2U, eight channel format.

To increase versatility and provide additional value, a third set of transformer-isolated independent (fixed gain) outputs are provided plus the Square ONE Splitter’s ability to function as a 1-16 media split.

Audio performance, as with all KLARK TEKNIK’s units, are of a superlative standard.


MIDAS XL8-inspired mic preamps
Designed by the same team who created the world’s best live sound consoles with a huge dynamic range >140dB! With an extremely high CMRR accommodates input levels up to +22dBu.

9-position rotary gain switch per input
A simple 5dB resolution ‘stepped’ rotary control to provide gain adjustment for both main outputs from 0dB to +40dB to easily match any signal level (mic or line).

30Hz Hi-pass filter with switch and status LED per input
Eliminates unwanted subsonic information, increases headroom in the mixing console inputs, amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Inputs duplicated on front and rear panels
For convenient connection options, either internal to the patch rack, or directly into the front panel.

Transformer-isolated gain-independent outputs
Located on the front panel for easy connection of recording devices and outside broadcast facilities. Transformers provide superior galvanic isolation; fixed-gain status prevents unexpected changes in level during performances.

Front-panel and remote 48V switching with status LED per input
Phantom power activation can be switched remotely from the +48V supply on any mixing console connected to the electronically balanced outputs.

Solo buss with integral headphone amp and level control
Allows the mic amp performance and level to be monitored directly from the front panel. Also an invaluable aid when fault-finding in line systems.

1:16 media split function with front and rear panel status indication
Input 8 can be routed to ALL 16 rear-panel XLRs simultaneously via a single recessed switch on the rear panel. Ideal for press feeds and many other multiple-signal distribution applications

Separate ground lift switch with LED status indicators for each set of rear panel outputs
Eliminate hums, buzzes and other ground-related undesirable audio artefacts.

Individual 4-Segment LED output metering for each input
3 colours, easy-to-see instant status indication (-15, 0, +12, +21dBu)