Tannoy VX 15Q

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Conceived, engineered and built with precision in the United Kingdom, VX Series represents the latest evolution of Tannoy’s core philosophies in professional loudspeaker design. VX 15Q is a new class of device that adds more versatility and performance capabilities. It provides a higher impact solution for medium scale sound reinforcement for high-SPL applications such as bars and clubs as well as being well suited for portable PA applications. 



  • 380mm (15”) PowerDual full-range driver with QCW delivering best of both worlds – true point source combined with new horn design, resulting in less unwanted shading effects
  • Tightly controlled 75 x 40 degree dispersion for optimum coverage and forward gain
  • Peak output 132 dB, rec. amp power 800 W @ 8 Ohms
  • Now improved with Omni-Mount / PowerDrive multi-mount style bracket option
  • Integrip™ handle ergonomically integrated into top and bottom of cabinet and pole-mountable for optimum portability.
  • Exceptional sound and performance for a cabinet of this size
  • Flush-mounted TP with NL4 SpeakON and barrier strip connections
  • Available in black or white textured paint finish – custom colours optional.
  • Available in weather proof specification (optional)
  • Five year loudspeaker warranty

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Størrelse 50 × 50 × 40 cm